Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker
(Gimpl Beynish der Shadkhn)
Yiddish Comics of the early 20th century

Translation and commentary by Jane Peppler
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gimpel tells President Woodrow Wilson: "You should have hired me to arrange a marriage for your daughter."

This strip must have run after the Warheit printed something about the engagement of Woodrow Wilson's daughter Eleanor.

I like Zagat's caricature of President Wilson but shiver with horror at his depiction of the African American doorman. This is probably part of why the early 20th century is so unpopular with historians: it was so brazenly politically incorrect. (Click cartoon for a larger view.)

March 15, 1914: Obviously he doesn't succeed, but then, he is not acknowledged everywhere
  1. What's this? The president's daughter is engaged, and they didn't even call on me to arrange the match?
  2. I'm going to Washington to have a chat with the President. He has another daughter, I'll take care of her.
  3. Say, here's my card, tell the President I must talk to him. It's very urgent business.
  4. Mister President, it says in the Warheit that you have another daughter. Let me provide a husband for her.
  5. They told you to throw me, Gimpel Beynish, out? And I even voted for him. This is a world without justice.

Here's Woodrow Wilson. I see in Wikipedia that Eleanor Randolph Wilson, his daughter, married William Gibbs McAdoo at the White House on May 7, 1914.

Here's Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo.

The other daughter was Margaret Woodrow Wilson (below). It appears that, because she wore glasses, she never married. Check this out: She sang and made several recordings around 1918. She lived in the ashram of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry, French India where she was known as 'Nistha'.

ער איז דוקא ניט פױל, אָבער ניט איבעראַל אַנערקענט מען איהם. ־
װאָס איז דאָס? דעם פרעזידענט׳ס טאָכטער איז אַ כּלה געװאָרען און מיך האָט מען אַפֿילו ניט גערופֿען מאַכען דעמ שידוך? ־
איך פֿאָהר שױן קײן װאַשינגטאָן און אַ שמועס טהוען מיט׳ן פרעזידענט. ער האָט דאָך נאָך אַ טאָכטער. איך׳ל זיא פֿאַרזאָרגען. ־
סעי, דאָס איז מײַן קאַרד, זאָג דעם פּרעזידענט אַז איך מוז שױן מיט איהם רעדען. זעהר אַ נעטהיגער ענין. ־
מיסטער פּרעזידענט, אין דער ״װאַרהײַט״ שטעהט אַז איהר האָט נאָך אַ טאָכטער. לאָמיך איהר גיבען אַ חתן. ־
מיך, גימפעל בײניסה׳ן הײסט ער אַרױסװאַרפֿען? און איך האָב נאָך געװאוט פֿאַר איהם. עס איז אַ װעלט אָהן יושר. ־

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