Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker
(Gimpl Beynish der Shadkhn)
Yiddish Comics of the early 20th century

Translation and commentary by Jane Peppler
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mirke doesn't want to marry a guinea pig. 4-16-1914

Mirke, Gimpel's "sort of" relative on his wife's side (we have never met his wife or heard her name or even known he had one until now) is being brought suitors by Gimpel's competitor (after Gimpel himself struck out).

You'd think Mirke, after being the butt of so many jokes, would be more understanding of the less-than-optimal candidates being presented, but she's just as harsh and rotten with them as the others were with her. She called the last candidate "a bucket of herring." Now there's a "butcher oaf" - a "guinea pig." I wanted to like Mirke but it's growing difficult. I'm pretty sure Gimpel knew already that money was going to Moyshe Motl (his competitor) but continuity is not a strong suit in this strip.

April 16, 1914: Yes, there are things that are really "the limit."
  1. Mirke: What good is this butcher oaf to me? I want a man for a bridegroom, not a guinea pig. Take him out.
  2. Moyshe Motl: I see you are a connoisseur, so I have a fine specimen for you, but I'll need more money.
  3. Mirke: Shall I go to Gimpel Beynish for money? Maybe so. I'll obey you and take out his teeth.
  4. GB: Now you suddenly need more money? Have you really spent it all on dresses and hats already?
  5. Mirke: You're asking what I need money for? A pretty question. Moyshe Motl hates making matches for free.

יאָ, עס זײַנען דאָ זאַכען װאָס זײַנען טאַקע ״דהי לימיט.״

מירקע: װאָס טױג מיר אַזאַ בוטשער-קלאָץ? איך װיל אַ מענשען, ניט קײן ים-חזיר פֿאַר אַ חתן. טראָגט איהם אַרױס.
משה מאָטעל: זעה איך דאָך, אַז דו ביזט אַ מװין, האָב איך פֿאַר דיר אַן אַנטיק. אָבער איך דאַרף נאָך געלד.
מירקע: איך זאָל געהן צו גימפּעל-בײניש׳ן נאָך געלד? אפֿשר טאַקע גערעכט. איך׳ל אײַך פֿאָלגען און איהם נעהמען דיא צײהן.
גימפּעל בײניש: נאָך װאָס דאַרפֿסטו פּלוצלינג געלד? האָסט דאָך שױן אױסגעקױפֿט אַלע דרעסעס און העטס.
מירקע: װאָס הײסט, נאָך װאָס איך דאַרף געלד? אַ שעהנע שאלה, אַ שעהנע. משה מאָטעל האָט פֿײַנט צו זײַן אַנ אומזיסטער שדכן.



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