Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker
(Gimpl Beynish der Shadkhn)
Yiddish Comics of the early 20th century

Translation and commentary by Jane Peppler
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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Lusitania, prideful before it sank, and a summons for Gimpel. 2-14-1915

The Lusitania, a British ocean liner, made 202 voyages before the Germans sank it May 7 1915.I guess the Americans were protecting it. I know I should read more about World War I but the idea makes me tired.

Feb 14 cartoon: "England's borrowed clothing"
Left: England; right: Wilhelm; ship: Lusitania (English ocean liner sunk by a German submarine May 7, 1915); caption:
John Bull (England): What will you do now with your little submarines? Maybe you think Uncle Sam's clothes don't suit me, go ahead and think so, but you can't bother me.

February 14, 1915: Not all letters are the same.
  1. GB: You have to ask if I'm a famous matchmaker? Who doesn't know...
  2. Jake: You're that guy Gimpel Beynish. That's you of course.
  3. GB: Do you need me? You have a letter for me? Come on, show it to me.
  4. GB: A summons from that pig of a butcher whose window my loafers broke.
  5. Jake: If you take a look at what's in the summons you won't...

אַ בריעף צו אַ בריעף איז ניט גלײַך.

גימפּעל בײניש: דאַרפֿסט ערשט פֿרעגען צי איך בין אַ בעריהמטער שדכן? װער קען דען ניט…
דזשײק: אָט רופֿט טאַקע אײנער ״גימפּעל בײניש״. דאָס מײנט מען אײַך אודאי.
גימפּעל בײניש: מיך דאַרפֿסטו? האָסט אַ בריעף פֿאַר מיר? קאָם אָן, װײַז אַהער.
גימפּעל בײניש: אַ סאָמאָנס פֿון דעם הזיר׳שען בוטשער װאָס מײַנע לױפֿערס האָבען בײַ איהם צעבראָכען אַ פֿענסטער.
דזשײק: אַז איהר װעט אַ קוק טהוען װאָס אין בריעף שטעהט װעט איהר ניט…

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