Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker
(Gimpl Beynish der Shadkhn)
Yiddish Comics of the early 20th century

Translation and commentary by Jane Peppler
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Sunday, August 19, 2018

A snide dig at the Bread Trustniks 3-15-1915

March 15, 1915: It seems he'll soon lose his desire for the automobile.
  1. Here, it's already come to a stop like a policeman in the back room of a saloon.
  2. Say, I'll pay you for your trouble, let's hitch your automobile to mine.
  3. Well, a job, like the bread-trustniks, the submarines, and the Cossacks have.
  4. So now it is sort of going. Maybe I should buy THAT automobile too.
  5. Say, where are you dragging me?! I want to ride, not fly. Police! Save me!

Chicago Tribune January 11 1915
Federal Inquiry into Wheat Rise: Middlemen in protest
To see whether "food cornering" had anything to do with the present high price of wheat.
"There have been statements... that the middlemen and the speculators, not the American farmers, were profiting out of the remarkable advance in the price of wheat since the beginning of the war. Experts of the department of agriculture do not agree... they believe that the American grower of wheat is getting a large part of this big profit.. these experts explained that shortly after the war began shipping stopped... and railroads refused to accept shipments from interior points. This forced the farmer to hold on to his wheat for the simple reason that it could not be shipped. In the next article, An "alleged pool of bakers" was sued for "forming a pool and trust agreement with seven others."
דאַכט זיך דער אױטאָמאָביל װעט זיך איהם באַלד אָבגלוסטען.

אָט האָט ער זיך שױן װידער אַװעקגעשטעלט װיא אַ פּאָליסמאַן אין בעק-רום פֿון אַ סאַלון.
סעי, איך׳ל דיר באַצאָהלען פֿאַר דײַן טרחה און לאָמיך צובינדען דײַן אוטאָמאָביל צו מײַנעם.
נו, אַ דזשאָב, אױף אַלע ברױט-טראָסטניקעס, סאָבמאַרינס און קאָזאַקען געזאָגט געװאָרען.
אַזױ געהט ער עפּעס יאָ. אפֿשר װאָלט איך ד ע ם אױטאָמאָביל אױך געקױפֿט.
סעי, װאָהין שלעפּטסטו מיך! איך װיל פֿאָהרען, נאָט פֿליהען. פּאָליץ! ראַטעװעט!


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